Core values

1. Integrity
The set of values, norms and agreements that safeguard integrity within our team. We expect the same amount of fairness from our customers and business partners.

2. Customer first
The wishes of the customer are crucial and are our focus. The inventory of the needs of the customer relationship, providing quality service, and fulfilling agreements are the basis of how we think and act.

3. Responsibility and commitment
We feel a great sense of responsibility and commitment to you, the customer, and society in general. In this regard, we encourage expertise, taking responsibility and solving problems in an efficient and effective manner, at all levels in our organization.

4. Team spirit
Working together is a prerequisite in our team. We regard commitment, personal contact and appreciation for (customer) results as critical success factors for good cooperation. Giving confidence, while also being sincere and clear.

5. Flexibility
Our team is ready and open to respond quickly or to anticipate developments and changes. We see this as an added value to our customer relationships.

6. Entrepreneurial Spirit
An active and enterprising organization also requires a team that is enterprising, shows initiative and feels responsible for the outcome. The management of Bakery Stars encourages the taking of own initiative and entrepreneurship.