Brioche bread rolls

The Brioche bread rolls are derived from the classic French brioche bread.

The recipe is different from that of ordinary bread due to the additional use of sugar, eggs and butter.
These additions produce excellent taste properties.
A fine structure, optimum softness and full flavours in the bread roll ensure a harmonious taste sensation!

In consultation with its participants from Belgium and the Netherlands, Bakery Stars has developed different types of brioche bread rolls, which can be used for various applications.

Product information:

Product name: Brioche bread plaits
Product number: 22508
Type: Frozen - uncut   
Package contents: 10 x 4 pieces
Product name: Brioche super bun
Artikelnummer: 11238
Type: Frozen - precut
Package contents: 2 x 9 pieces
Product name: Brioche oval bun
Product number: 11237
Type: Frozen - precut
Package contents: 32 pieces