To create a distinctive character for specific target groups, the "Formula thinking" in food concepts is becoming increasingly more important. In terms of concept, trends such as fresh, healthy, honest recipes, convenience, and experience, should be translated into an identity that appeals to its target group and provides primary loyalty to the formula.

In view of the customer profiles of Bakery Stars, the range of products and expertise, we can think along with you when it comes to your formula or food concept.

Bakery Stars was co-initiator of the formula Brood2day in Eindhoven.

About Brood2day

Brood2day has become a household name in Eindhoven. “5 years ago we landed on a beautiful site in Eindhoven in the city centre, and more and more people come to us because of the quality and convenience. While enjoying a delicious cup of coffee and a tasty fresh sandwich on our beautiful terrace, situated right on a pleasant square in the Nieuwe Emmasingel 11, there are loads to see and do, whilst enjoying of our free WIFI. We represent quality, speed and good service , all at an affordable price! We already supply many reputable companies with various lunches. Especially since our organic bread is very popular, the service is super flexible, it simply looks delicious and you can taste our passion for cooking!

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