Bakery Stars proudly presents: gluten-free bread!

In collaboration with one of our members, Bliek Master Bakers, we proudly present our gluten-free bread. After years of testing and development, the product developers have successfully created a range of gluten-free bread that is just as delicious as ‘normal’ bread.

Bakery Stars is introducing the gluten-free bread under the name Happy Bakers. A separate bakery has been built for the product, as gluten-free bread obviously cannot be made in a bakery where bread with gluten is baked.

The Happy range currently includes four types: gluten-free white & brown and gluten-free multigrain light & dark.
The bread is packaged in durable, oxygen-reduced packaging. This prevents the gluten-free range from coming into contact with breads that do contain gluten.

Bakery Stars recently included the products for the first time at a trade fair! The reactions were enthusiastic. A common response was: it doesn’t taste any different to ‘normal’ bread. For those who say bread is one of the most difficult products to recreate, this is a truly delicious alternative!

Bakery Stars is launching 6 new concepts on the German market

Bakery Stars also active in the German market, with its complete product range. The following 6 new concepts have recently been introduced:

Special leaflets have been designed for these concepts, that you can download here. Feel  free to contact us if you would rather receive the leaflets by regular mail, or, of course, if you have any other questions.

Biological Organic bread and slow baking bread from Bakery Stars

The marketing of organic products is a trend that has developed strongly in recent years. Bakery Stars, together with its partner Bakery Verbeek, also has a biological product line. Bakery Verbeek is the market leader and produces its organic bread authentically, with modern equipment. Flawless biological quality is paramount!

This makes a tin loaf, a real tin loaf. The granite floor of the oven gives the bread the specific traditional taste of years gone by.

Responding to the developments in the market, the bakers of this biological product line are constantly busy with the development of new types of bread. The range large and small breads is constantly adapted or developed further. Such as the recently developed Spelt-oat bread and casonette light multi-grain bread, which was qualified by an independent consumer assessment as the best light multi-grain bread.

In the field of biological confectionery, our partner Bakery Verbeek also offers appropriate custom work

For more product information click here

Check out our organic range here

Heading to Dubai!

Following the Dutch Market in May, see earlier reports, a container has since been loaded for our distributor in Dubai.

The container is loaded with different bread products from our members;

  • Pre-baked bread
  • Gluten-free bread
  • Biological bread
  • Pre-cut, packed bread
  • Pastry products

The container is expected to arrive in Jebel Ali Dubai port on 31 July 2016.

Dutch Market in Abu Dhabi

On Monday, 30 May 2016, Bakery Stars organized a Dutch Market in Abu Dhabi.

In collaboration with our distributor, our participants’ specialities were presented:

  • Pre-baked bread
  • Gluten-free bread
  • Clean Label – sour dough bread, gluten-free brood
  • Pastry products
  • Halal bread
  • Mini sweet puff
  • Pain a la Carte – cheese straws
  • Semi finished products

The Dutch market was very successful, both the distributor and customer relations have responded very positively to the presented specialities.

Several large hotel chains in the US have indicated that they want to start serving our products. And follow-up appointments have been scheduled.