Bakery Stars proudly presents: gluten-free bread!

In collaboration with one of our members, Bliek Master Bakers, we proudly present our gluten-free bread. After years of testing and development, the product developers have successfully created a range of gluten-free bread that is just as delicious as ‘normal’ bread.

Bakery Stars is introducing the gluten-free bread under the name Happy Bakers. A separate bakery has been built for the product, as gluten-free bread obviously cannot be made in a bakery where bread with gluten is baked.

The Happy range currently includes four types: gluten-free white & brown and gluten-free multigrain light & dark.
The bread is packaged in durable, oxygen-reduced packaging. This prevents the gluten-free range from coming into contact with breads that do contain gluten.

Bakery Stars recently included the products for the first time at a trade fair! The reactions were enthusiastic. A common response was: it doesn’t taste any different to ‘normal’ bread. For those who say bread is one of the most difficult products to recreate, this is a truly delicious alternative!

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